Dr. Alex is a phenomenal dentist. Before I started going to him, I’ve had several issues with multiple dentists skating by with cheaper quick fixes and lower quality products. However, when Dr. Alex fixes something, it’s FIXED. It’s been almost 5 years and I’ve never had a problem. What’s also special is that he genuinely cares about his patients and he is extremely precise. It’s pretty cool to have a dentist who wants to make sure he does his best work no matter who you are. I moved out of state and still fly back for dental appointments! Seriously, you can’t go wrong with Dr. Alex Daneshvar!

– Ashlyee F.

When I go to the dentist, I’m not looking to be coddled; I want a straightforward expert who can perform precise work. Alex is just this… it’s obvious that he has some biases toward some of the products that he’ll recommend, but that is not a bad thing so long as the quality of the dentistry is good. Alex really isn’t one to mince words if your oral hygiene is poor and you need to do better. My routine has improved many times over since I first started to see him — he was the first dentist to take the time to explain exactly how neglect can affect my teeth, gums, and wallet down the line. I can understand how some might be put off by his outright personality, but after you get to know Dr. Alex, it’s evident that he has a big neighborly heart and a deep love of his craft.

– Nate H.

Dr. Alex is an exceptionally professional and efficient dentist. He answers all my questions clearly, and it really shows that he cares about your dental hygiene and aims for long term solutions. In the two years I’ve seen him he’s gradually helped with my decalcifying teeth and improved my dental health. Thanks Alex!

– Auran B

I’ve never had a dentist that cared about their craft as much as Dr. Dan does. I’ve had a few dentist due to moving across the state a lot, but his work on fillings looks and feels much better than the prior work done. As someone who doesn’t mind the dentist, but is immune to anesthetics. He works with you to try to make your experience as painless as possible. Great person that takes time to gets to know his patients and remembers them.

– Dionte F.

Dr. Alex is absolutely amazing! Dr. Alex is everything you could want in a dentist. He is so genuine, gentle, very open, honest, personable and professional. He doesn’t make you feel bad for the condition of your teeth, he just tries to help. He is currently reconstructing my whole mouth due to terrible dental work I’ve had over the years and I honestly cant thank him enough. He does his own work and does an exceptional job. He takes his time and is very patient. He literally makes you feel like family! He remembers each and every conversation we’ve had! Dr. Alex is simply the best! I am so blessed to have found him! I would highly recommend Dr. Alex!

– Jaz Ti’Shae

I’ve been coming to Dental Studio of Culver City for over a year. Dr. Alex has been really great. I like that he is proactive about identifying and resolving dental health issues, and patiently walks through tradeoffs and considerations for making decisions on course of treatment/intervention. I believe my dental situation is better than it’s been in years thanks to the methodical approach Dr. Alex has taken with me in helping my dental health one step at a time.

– Eric R.

Came in with a broken tooth, left with a lifelong friendship. I met Dr. Dan while looking for an emergency dentist around Culver City. Having been turned down by 3 dentists within the area, I saw Dr Dan through the window an hour before his practice was open for the day. The man took me in and fixed me up before his first appointment. What followed over the next 8 years was 2 moves, 3 job changes, a marriage, a dog, a divorce and a move overseas. Dr Dan remained. Solid as a rock, a dentist, a consultant, and sometimes a therapist, he managed to fix not just another smile, but many life’s problems as well. And all covered by insurance! Extremely professional, accommodating and friendly. I still call the man for a second opinion, even though I live and work out of the country. Thanks Doc! Victor

– Victor C.

Dr. D is a very talented dentist. My new bridge feels better than any of my other bridges. He is thorough and trust worthy. He honestly tells me what fillings need to be done and which ones we can wait on. I plan to see Dr. D for as long as I live in Culver City!

– Lydia Lavelle